Friday, August 18, 2017

Break Out Your Morphsuit, Become One With Nature

As the stress of daily grind; school, work and social life, take its toll, more and more people find it attractive to go back to nature to relax and rejuvenate. Some do outdoor sports, go skiing or hitting the beach. For many who look for peace and quiet, camping is the perfect way. However, a good silly string fight is a great way to relieve stress as well.

It is the closest you can get to nature. Imagine yourself in the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, separated only from the cold eerie night by a thin canvas. You lie down in your sleeping bag then you listen to the sound of the night: whistling birds, and chirping crickets, even the soft breeze brushing on the rustling leaves. You peak out and see the stars in all their grandeur, the full pale moon and the dark Green skies. You can even use discount party supplies to dress up and become a little more one with nature.

Anyone will be enthralled by such an experience. Many indeed have realized the beauty of the outdoors and as a result, camping is fast becoming a popular recreation for people young and old. In many parks and camping sites scattered all over the world, campers flock to pitch their tents into the night. During the day, the experience gets better. You can explore the surrounding woods and try to get a glimpse of a deer or a rare bird. Or maybe head up to nearest stream to fish, and if you are dating enough to go for a swim. For some just sitting by the edge of the woof, looking at insects and little animals go about their day relieve them of the stress, the smog and the boredom of modern life.

Camping is indeed easy. Pack up your tent, bring in the right food (in enough quantity, not too much not to less) and of course bring in the right clothes and you are ready. Call on your friends and head out for a great adventure.

Before the actual trip, however, come the more serious preparations. There are many national parks around that are secure and have adequate camping and support (read: bathroom) facilities. Never, try to camp in the wilderness. Bring along trusted friends and go to camp in a group. It is fun that way. Always be inside parks or regulated camp sites as you will be sure to have people watching over the grounds and responding in case of emergency.

Got your back packs ready? The most vital part of camping is the site selection. Your camp site can make an unforgettable experience on ruin it altogether. Simple tips are to find a clearing, a slightly elevated ground and always put an adequate clearing in front and around the camp. This will give you a god relaxing vision and also a safety clearing against animals.

Camping is not always about fun. We must be responsible too. Trash must be taken out of the site and not left there. Fires must also be properly set up in a clearing and should be extinguished so it would not start a bush fire. Smoking and drinking can be acceptable but must be kept to a minimum. This will make you alert to respond to any eventualities.

Since it is the outdoors there is always that tinge of danger. But that makes camping exciting isn't it? But we must be responsible and careful so our mind will all be poured on having fun. Camping is supposed to be fun and we should make the most out of it.